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AKUMA Flip-Flap™ Disc System


Grain40 - Item. No: AK13-Z40
Grain60 - Item. No: AK13-Z60
Grain80 - Item. No: AK13-Z80

The Akuma Flip-ap Disk System has many advantages: since it lasts twice as long as a single disc (when one side is up, just ip it!) it’s both economical and more environmentally friendly. It’s also super comfortable to use, with  better balance and increased stability. Made in Europe. Patent pending.

The baseplate is made out of sturdy ABS plastic (the same materal as LEGO!), which is environmentally friendly and 100% hazardless.

- Grain sizes: 40, 60, 80 and 120
- Zirconium abrasive material
- Special made M14 x1.5 quick mount
- system
- Measures 125 mm in diameter
- Max RpM: 12 250
- Weight: 210-230 g

Comes packed with 10 pcs/box

About Akuma

AKUMA® OF SWEDEN presents a range of tools for professional users with the demand for durable tools and the feeling for real quality.






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